We can be your public holiday and Sunday doctor 24 hours a day

Need to find a bulk billed Sunday doctor? House Call Doctor offers doctor home visits 24 hours on Sundays and public holidays. Our service provides urgent after-hours medical care to Queensland and Northern New South Wales residents. We are open Monday to Friday from 6.00pm to 8.00am and on Saturday from 12.00pm. However, our team can take calls 2 hours before these opening times.

If you haven’t been visited by an after hours GP before here’s what to expect. You will book a doctor online, over the phone by calling 13 55 66, or by using our android and apple compatible app. After you’ve done this our doctors on the road will alert you via SMS with an estimated time of arrival to give you piece of mind. Our home doctors arrive at your home within 3 hours.

Your after hours GP will then arrive at your door in a company car with their chaperone and all the medical supplies they need to give you quality medical care. In their doctors bags our GPs carry a variety of commonly prescribed antibiotics, pain killers, antihistamines, and suture equipment. This ensures that they can give you optimal care that gets you through the night until you can see your regular GP the following business day.

House Call Doctor works in tandem with your GP and health care centre. After each home visit our doctors send a copy of your consultation notes to your GP electronically. This is so they are up to speed with your health. See our frequently asked questions page to learn more about our service.