Sick boy gets driven 122kms to hospital

A Toowoomba medical service has gone the extra mile for a sick little boy after already helping his family move towns.

Myles Rauchle, 3, has a brain abscess and regularly needs to go to the Lady Cilento Children’s Hospital in Brisbane for check-ups and treatment.

Apex Toowoomba and House Call Doctor last month worked together to move Myles, mum Rebecca and his three siblings from Roma to Toowoomba so they could cut down on the travel time.

 On Monday, House Call Doctor then went the extra mile and drove Myles to Brisbane so he could attend his first appointment.

House Call Doctor chaperone Brendan Hardy will regularly donate his time to take the family to Brisbane for hospital appointments. House Call Doctor supplies the car and fuel.

Mr Hardy said it previously took the family a three-day trip to get to the hospital.

“Our first trip was Monday and you just know that you are making a difference,” he said.

“Rebecca is a single mum with four kids so anything we can do to help, why wouldn’t you?”

Mr Hardy, who works with doctors making house calls at night and on weekends, said Myles was “the cutest little boy” and he referred to the car as “the doctor car”.

“She was just surprised that strangers would care, that strangers would want to help,” he said.

Before House Call Doctor and Apex came to her rescue, Rebecca had clocked up nearly 10,0000 kilometres in six months making the medical dash.

Myles is due to travel to Brisbane again in about a month for expected scans.

“We’ll have our ‘doctor car’ ready there for him again. I donate my time but House Call Doctor is covering the cost of the trip. Our job is to help people but it is important for us to be able to help the community too,” Mr Hardy said.


Saving the day: Helping Myles make his first hospital appointment in Brisbane are (from left) House Call Doctor chaperone Brendan Havery with Myles and Rebecca Rauchle.

Original Source: The Chronicle | 24 May 2017