The home doctor service we provide at House Call Doctor is a welcomed return to the good old days of traditional home doctors who would visit patients in need after hours.

As part of our service, we offer treatment to patients in the comfort of their own home with qualified and trained doctors to provide the very best medical assistance. We operate Monday to Friday 6 pm to 8 am, after midday Saturday and 24 hours a day on Sunday and Public holidays. Our Doctors are here and ready to arrive at your door, treating you when you need it most.

Unlike some after hours GP services that can charge $400 after midnight, no matter what day or time you call, we never charge you for our services if you have a Medicare or DVA card on hand. You will never be left out of pocket with House Call Doctor.

We also pride ourselves on quality service with 90% of patients being seen within 3 hours of their call. Our call centre triages will also update patients on when the doctor and chaperone are expected to arrive and will make a call to confirm when the Doctor has arrived at a patient’s door.

Our fast and professional after hours doctor service is what Queensland has been waiting for, so contact us at 13 55 66 to receive a doctor to your house in no time.

What it means to be a Home Doctor Medical Deputising Service

House Call Doctor is so much more than your general doctor service. As a home doctor Medical Deputising Service providing after hours GP services, we take great pride and responsibility in taking care of the health of our patients across Queensland.

According to Australian Bureau of Statistics health surveys, 41.5% of people who wanted to see a doctor after hours could not because an after hours GP service was not available. Thankfully House Call Doctor has finally provided this vital service to the people of Queensland. Ill and vulnerable people across Queensland have been in desperate need of this service and thankfully we have been able to offer after hours medical services to those who need it most.

Patients across Queensland now rely on us to provide them with fast and professional medical treatment at their door when their regular GP is closed. This service also extends beyond the patients as it also creates jobs across the state for doctors and chaperones. With patients being taken care of and jobs being created, it is easy to see how vital this service is to communities across Queensland.

Our number one priority at House Call Doctor is you and your health. We are dedicated to serving the community and assisting with any health needs required by our patients.


We want you to have peace of mind knowing one of our professional GP’s from House Call Doctor will send a doctor to your door as soon as possible. That means no more long waits in a hospital emergency room and no need to suffer through the night with illness or injury until your usual doctor-office opens in the morning.

Filling the Health Care Gap

All communities across Queensland need an after-hours at home service, and we are happy to fill this major gap in health services. As the popularity for this service grows, it means more doctors will be out on the roads to reach you and more patients will receive the medical help they need while in the comfort of their own home. Best of all no patent will be a cent out of pocket thanks to all House Call Doctor Services being 100% bulk billed.

Your Health is Our Priority

When you are ill, it can be difficult to head outside into the cold and wait in a hospital or doctor’s waiting room with other sick people. This can be both stressful and detrimental to your health, which is why House Call Doctor is the perfect solution to ensure you are safe and warm while you wait for the medical treatment to arrive at your door. Looking after your health should always be a priority and there is no better way to do that than to have a doctor visit you where you are most comfortable – In your own home.

Treating Patients Who Need it most

When treating patients, our doctors will always prioritise the most fragile members of our community to ensure they receive medical care as soon as possible. This is why priority is often given to children and the elderly, particularly when a call is received at night.

Convenience and Quality Service

Our House Call Doctor team are available after-hours and across weekends and public holidays for your convenience. We do this to give people a reliable and efficient alternative to emergency departments.

Our Doctors are also always accompanied by a chaperone, and when patients make a booking with us a courtesy call will be made to notify the patient when the Doctor is on the way.

Your health is our concern, and you can trust our home doctor and chaperone to arrive at your home, treat you with care and offer the right treatment to get you through the night.

People with chronic diseases that are not life-threatening often require regular doctor visits and medical care, and at times the care they need does not fit within a usual GP’s operating hours. According to current statistics, almost half of all Australians will suffer from a chronic disease and 20% will suffer from two or more. This is a large chunk of the population that will likely require medical treatment for their condition on a regular basis.

Injuries are also a common concern that can occur at any time of day or night. With more than 60% of falls occurring in the bedroom and with more than half of this number being elderly individuals aged 65 or older, it’s not hard to see why a home doctor service is needed. If you are unable to get to the GP office due to your injury and if you don’t feel your injury is bad enough to call an ambulance, House Call Doctor is here to help.

Whatever illness or injury you may have, our doctors are trained and qualified GP’s with experience in treating patients. Our doctors can offer medication and dress any wounds so that you are comfortable through the night until your regular GP is open once again.

We read news stories all the time about the strain on the emergency services across Queensland. Did you know that one in three people are waiting in hospital emergency rooms for minor medical problems? These minor health problems include a toothache, ingrown toenails, headaches and finger sprains. Emergency departments have much more serious conditions and injuries that they need to treat, but many of these people turn to the emergency department out of hours because they have nowhere else to go when their regular Doctor office is closed. This is why House Call Doctors is now available to alleviate the strain on our medical services.

Our doctors can come to your door in your hour of need and treat you no matter how severe or minor the condition. As long as the condition or injury you have is not life threatening, our after hours doctors can provide you with the medical treatment you need.

According to Australian Bureau of Statistics health care figures, nearly 20% of patients who are desperate for medical help ended up going to a hospital. When individuals visit emergency services in hospitals after hours with non-life threatening conditions, it puts a strain on the ED. If you are not in need of emergency care, call House Call Doctor instead at no cost to you, thanks to our 100% bulk billed service.

This service is designed to take the load off busy waiting rooms in emergency departments by treating non-life threatening conditions in a patient’s home. Don’t waste the emergency department’s vital resources with a non-life threatening health concern. Make sure House Call Doctor is always your first point of call after hours for non-life-threatening health concerns.

Keeping your GP informed

No one knows about your health concerns and condition better than your regular GP. This is why your own doctor should be your regular point of call when you are sick or suffer an injury, however if you need treatment outside of business hours, your regular Doctor is not always going to be available.

No need to worry with House Call Doctor here to help. Not only will we treat your condition or injury adequately and provide medication when needed at no cost to you, our after hours GP will also provide your regular GP with all consultation notes from the visit.

It is a great relief to your local doctor knowing that we can give you the right treatment when they can’t and that they are also kept informed of the treatment and health care that has been provided to you.

Choose the After Hours Service from House Call Doctor

Our caring and compassionate after hours GP’s are available across Queensland when you need it. Enter your suburb or postcode at the top of the page to confirm if our after hours doctors are available for you.

If you would like to book in our home doctor to come to you, call us at 13 55 66, download our app or book online to request a visit.